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Stats Software - Last 20 Matches Toggle

A quick video to demonstrate how you can change the scope of the data instantly at the click of a button and get a longer term view

Stats Software - 1-1 Strategy

A nice real-world example of how to make use of the stats filters

Stats Software - Smart Filters

Cut your research time down from hours to minutes with our Smart Filters!

Breaking A Myth

Luke Ridger's picture
May 26, 2016

Hands up who still gambles…. me too. Whether you are a new trader cutting your teeth, or someone who has multiple years of experience, there seems to be a taboo about gambling. I realised pretty soon after starting my trading journey, that gambling/betting was seen as too risky, or in other terms, not sustainable - is that true?

Tennis Research

Master tennis trader Ryan gives us some insight into the sites, tools and methods he uses to spot the day's golden tennis opportunities

Live Tennis Trading

Follow Martin as he trades a couple of tennis matches live and shows you how to make some nice low-risk profit

BTC Site Overview

Learn your way around the BTC site and find out about the features you can use every day