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Stats Software - Opposition Type / League Position Filters

Find every top vs bottom of the league team matchup fast using the latest addition to our smart filters!

Stats Software - Opposition Matcher

An overview of how you can make better trading decisions by filtering our stats instantly based on the opposition type

Stats Software - Last 20 Matches Toggle

A quick video to demonstrate how you can change the scope of the data instantly at the click of a button and get a longer term view

Stats Software - 1-1 Strategy

A nice real-world example of how to make use of the stats filters

Stats Software - Smart Filters

Cut your research time down from hours to minutes with our Smart Filters!

Breaking A Myth

Luke Ridger's picture
May 26, 2016

Hands up who still gambles…. me too. Whether you are a new trader cutting your teeth, or someone who has multiple years of experience, there seems to be a taboo about gambling. I realised pretty soon after starting my trading journey, that gambling/betting was seen as too risky, or in other terms, not sustainable - is that true?