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Betfair Trading Community

Welcome To The Home Of Trading

with over 500 pro and amateur sports traders, a platform to exchange ideas and learn from the best

and evaluate strategies with ease using the most powerful statistical software on the market

all year round with a portfolio of community-developed, tried and tested strategies


  • 500+ pro and amateur traders

  • Discussion forum - harness the insight of the group

  • Strategy showcase - profitable strategies tested and implemented by group members

  • Pro trading advice and training - Earn while you learn!

  • Over 20 sports covered

  • Pre-event and in-play trading

  • All levels of trading expertise catered for

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  • Extensive analytical data for football and tennis with many more sports coming soon

  • Detailed event history and trend analysis

  • Smart filters - zero in on the information you need from over 800 metrics

  • Cut trading research time down from hours to seconds

  • Estimated odds based on the facts to help you find value

  • Highlights from the week's match stats

  • Predictive ratings and forecasts

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What People Say

I’ve been trading racing and cricket markets for over ten years now and have been a member of a number of different chatrooms, but I reckon the Betfair Trading Community is far superior to any of those. It’s brilliant to have expert advice from members in other sports, and has added considerably to my trading portfolio. But it’s equally advantageous to offer advice to other members too, because I’ve found it has really sharpened my thinking and made me focus even more on every trade.It’s such a supportive group of traders – and you really want them to succeed, so that can give a real impetus to your own trading. Every serious trader should be a member.

I joined the community on day one, back at the end of 2013, since when it has grown and grown to the point where there are a large number of traders, many of whom are full time pro traders. The membership are very positive and friendly, and everybody is very willing to help others over general trading questions and to post up links to things they find useful or interesting. A number of members also post up the qualifiers from their trading methods for others to follow. All in all it is the best self-help group I know, and excellent value for money.

What a great community this is. A lot of new AND experienced traders throwing great ideas around. Getting great advice from full time pros is fantastic, there is a friendly atmosphere - no show-offs, no question ever stupid, just genuine people trying to help each other become profitable on the sports exchanges. All for a very affordable price. It would be daft not to join!