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Trading Junkies Podcast

Join professional trader Martin Futter as he interviews some of the top trading experts on Betfair. We will look to tackle the real issues within trading on a week to week basis and help you learn to trade the Betfair markets to maximum profit.

Why We Give Away Our Edge?

Martin explains the 5 key reasons we are happy to share all of our hard earned professional trading knowledge!

It's A Mugs Blog - Steve Howe Interview
'You have to have the...
Bankroll and Bet Staking for Pro Sports Traders

Pro Trader Martin tells us the best bankroll management plan in the business!

Top 5 Mistakes Traders with Small Bankrolls make

Martin tells us the Top 5 Mistakes Traders with Small Bankrolls make!

How to fit Trading into your life!

Struggling to fit trading into your busy life? Here are some tips on how to do it!

3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Trading Instantly!

Martin shares 3 simple tips that will improve your trading!