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BTC Member Hot Seat - Money Management, Sticking to a plan and more James Woodroffe

Money management, sticking to a plan & putting a sport you love on the back burner? 

All things we cover in this first podcast of it's kind for BTC, where I (Ryan) join you instead of Martin this week to speak directly with one of our members James Woodroffe. 

This podcast episode I aimed to coach James and help him with what he is struggling with when it comes to trading. A lot of traders I know will have the same issues as James. 

Betfair Trading During Covid New Lockdown

Martin gives an update on trading during the new Covid lockdown.

Betfair Trading vs Matched Betting

Martin tells us which he prefers (10 points for anyone who can guess!) and why.

The Pros and Cons of being a Pro Betfair Trader

Martin tells us some of the best and worst things about making a living trading on Betfair.

Don't Be a Sole Trader - Why Community Matters!

Martin explains why going it alone on Betfair is not good for the soul! 

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Martin discusses his thoughts on the popular first half goal market!

In a Different League

Martin discusses why leagues matter!