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Why the time of the season matters!

Martin explains why it is important to note the time of the season when football trading.

10 Ways To Use In-Play Stats

Today's focus will be on 'Using inplay stats and the 'eye' test' with 10 ways I use in-play stats.

10 Key Steps to Prepare for Trading

Martin discusses the key steps to prepare for trading. 

The Holy Trinity - Part 1 Pre Match Research

Part 1 of our 3 part series on the fudamentals of Betfair trading.

Why Odds Matter - Betfair Trading 101

Martin explains why odds are so important to each trade we place.

Q&A on How to Trade Football After It Returns During Covid 19

Pro Trader Martin answers questions on how we should approach trading football once it returns after Covid 19

Outright Betting Markets Trading Advice

Martin shares a simple way to have an edge on the outright betting markets!

Betfair Trading - Target Setting Guide

A guide to financial target setting when trading on Betfair from Pro Betfair Trader Martin