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world series preview

World Series Trading Update - Another Big Profit!

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Oct 23, 2018

I hope everyone followed our trading advice to back the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series at odds of 15.0 - They are now layable at 1.68 a whopping 790% profit.

We also tipped the Washington Nationals who did not make the World Series so -100 on that one leaves us with an oustanding £690 trading profit from this market on £100 bets.

Thank you and good day!


MLB Season Preview 2018

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Mar 24, 2018

With the imminent announcement of a Major League Baseball game being announced on British shores, it seems only right to preview the upcoming baseball season. Baseball is a sport that is hugely popular in America and has a decent following over here too, although, that has slowed down in recent years since it is no longer shown on one of the free to air channels. With a Yankees v Red Sox series headed to London I for one hope that the sport does grow here.