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Betfair Tennis Trading - The Australian Open

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Jan 24, 2015

Two players who have been on a bit of form of late then, I am sure Kyrgios will be well up for this game, in his native OZ the crowd will be cheering on every point and I am not surprised his has a huge serve and there is a lot of potential in this young lad, he hits the ball well very flat, he is athletic enough to go the distance and come into the net and kill points off, when he gets in a groove he is very consistent. He will be playing a very experienced Seppi, very clever defensive player who also seems to like 5 set games, he can return serve well and can be very consistent and annoy opponents into making mistakes, however he has been known to start slower than others…

On odds then Betfair gives Kyrgios 1.83 and Seppi is outsider at 2.16. I get them at 1.24 for Kyrgios and Seppi way out at over 5.0. I will let them both have a serve and then I will back Kyrgios, with the home crowd and the way Seppi starts games I think at 1.83 or slightly more he offers exceptional value!

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