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Betfair Exchange Beginners Trading guide

Betfair Exchange Trading for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide for Trading On The Betfair Exchange Part 1

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Aug 12, 2019

You are probably reading this because you have heard of ‘Betfair Trading’ or ‘Betfair Exchange Trading’ and are wanting to find out what it all entails, maybe you are a matched bettor at the moment and are sick of having accounts gubbed? 

#1 Meet The Betfair Trading Community Members - Dave Jessop

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Jun 18, 2019

I want to champion the amazing Betfair Traders that we have at Betfair Trading Community 

Here at Betfair Trading Community, we are always thinking of ways we can fulfil our promise which is to take the 95% of losing Betfair customers and turn them into winners, this series of blog posts is hopefully a way to help inspire all Betfair Traders because I want to take this time to champion our members who make the service what it is, they dedicate so much time to helping others become better as well and are active in the community. 

Risking overstaking to build you bank faster? A lack of discipline could cost you...here's how

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May 22, 2019

If you have been feeling that utter dread, that dread in the pit of your stomach because you don’t have the discipline when trading on Betfair that leads you to over staking because you thought you could build your bank faster because that would get you closer to your goals then this is the blog post for you…. 

Why you should still trade Football in the Summer...

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Mar 26, 2019
Every year around this time of the football season I get people telling me that they aren’t going to contiuning their Betfair trading the football for much longer because the main leagues are coming to an end and they are going to wait until the new season and to be honest I think they are crazy! Over the course of this post I will explain why and I will back it up with some data 😉