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ATP Tour Final and Huge Guaranteed Profit

ATP Tour Final and Huge Guaranteed Profit

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Nov 19, 2017

Well what a week it has been, first set lay winners galore and of course my amazing outright picks! Here is what I said 10 days ago:

"While I expect Federer to win it his odds offer no value at the moment and after a massive year for both Federer and Nadal I really would not be surprised to see some upsets here. So I will be happy to take them both on as I said above.

If looking for outright market value I think Dimitrov at 12+ is worth a go. He has the easier group and always runs Rafa close, these conditions should suit him far more than Rafa. Goffin at 30+ in that same weaker group is also worth a tickle in my view as he has fought hard to get here and is a good indoor player."

Dimitrov was tipped at 12.0 and Goffin was tipped at 30.0. They meet today in the final! 

So in short big big profits for anyone who has followed our tennis advice this week, sit back and enjoy the match safe in that knowledge.

I'm actually at the 02 to watch it today so the drinks are on me! 

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