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Stats Software - In Play Toggle And Elo Ratings

We've added a toggle to the stats software so you can filter out matches that aren't going in play on Betfair. You can now also filter on our famous and exclusive Elo ratings!

Stats Software - Head 2 Head Stats

By popular demand, we've added H2H stats to the software!

Stats Software - 2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad!

Learn how to tweak your strategies to match some but not all of your filter criteria

Stats Software - Qualifier Shortlist

Narrow your trading selections down even further to manage your trading diary effectively

Stats Software - Fixture Search

Zero in on the matches you're interested in quickly by team name, league, country or date

Over 2.5 Goals Selection Process

Martin shows us how the revolutionary new football trading software can help us test our theories and give us an edge in sports betting.

BTC Site Overview

Learn your way around the BTC site and find out about the features you can use every day