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Weekend Trading Preview 28/04/17

Martin talks the big fight between Anthony Joshio and Vladimir Klitschko as well as the NFL draft!

Weekend Trading Preview 21/04/17

Martin Previews the FA Cup Semi Finals and gives us some good advice on trading cup games in general.

Weekend Trading Preview 14/04/17

Weekend Preview 2:

Martin takes a look at the Snooker World Championships and the Formula 1 Bahrain GP.

Weekend Trading Preview 07/04/17

Martin goes through his thoughts on some of the weekend trading action, including the full English fixture list, the Masters golf and the IPL Cricket.

Episode 4: Hurdles For New Traders

Martin discusses some of the hills newbie traders can expect to have to climb, with beginner trader Laurence Stanley

Episode 3: Trading Resolutions

Martin and Ryan talk about ways to get on top of your trading in the new year and eliminate some of those bad habits!

Episode 2: Strategy Review

Martin and Ryan round up some of the great trading strategies developed within the community this year

Episode 1: Chasing Losses

Semi-pro trader Luke Ridger shares his experiences of chasing losses and the effective ways he has found to combat the issue