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Surviving Your First Month Betfair Trading

In this Podcast Pro Trader Ryan Carruthers gives some of his top tips on how you can survive your very first month trading on Betfair, if you are just getting started in trading or maybe an old dog who has decided 2018 is the year to really take charge of your trading then this is not to be missed. 

Football Scalping in Low Liquidity Markets

Pro Football Trader Martin tells us how to make money scalping in low liquidty football markets with a brilliant strategy he uses. 

How to make money Scalping Cricket markets on Betfair

Pro Betfair Trader Martin tells us how to make money scalping the cricket markets on Betfair. 

5 Ways to Make Money Trading Football Inplay

Pro Football Trader Martin Futter tells us how to make money trading the beautiful game inplay! 

Top Trading Mentality Tips - Ryan

Ryan Carruthers here going over some of my top mentality tips for trading on the Betfair exchange 

What I do after trading!

Ryan Carruthers here with the last in the series, this series has covered the before trading, during and in today's episode will cover the exact things I do after I have been trading. 

What I do trading - During

Following on from last weeks insight into what I do before trading, this is the episode on what I do during my trading. 

What I do before I start trading?

This episode comes from Pro trader Ryan Carruthers, who goes into detail on what I do before I start trading. It will form a series on before, during and after trading to give an insight into my mind and patterns. 

NFL Long Odds Picks

Pro Trader Martin Futter tells us his two big outside picks this year and why the prices are value

NFL Season Preview 2/2

Hey guys! 

I have broken this podcast down into two, here is the second installment of the preview for the upcoming season!