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BTC Sports Trading Show Week 6

In this weeks sports trading show we cover a few pretty interesting things: 



The BTC Football Trading Show - Week 4

In this weeks episode of the Betfair Trading Community Trading show we cover a lot of topics from: 


Trading Review - Everton v Spurs - what happened from a trading view 

on this game 


Betfair Trading Lowlight - Ryan's trade which didnt quite go to plan 


Big Match Preview - Spurs v Utd from a Betfair trading viewpoint 


Debate Of The Week - What to do during quiet periods of trading? 

Simon Proform Podcast

In this episode I speak to Simon from Proform, we speak about horse racing, the changes in the industry, how betfair has changed the industry and some top tips for newbies. 

There is some real gold in this podcast for anybody interested in trading or betting. 

Why We Give Away Our Edge?

Martin explains the 5 key reasons we are happy to share all of our hard earned professional trading knowledge!

Bankroll and Bet Staking for Pro Sports Traders

Pro Trader Martin tells us the best bankroll management plan in the business!

How to fit Trading into your life!

Struggling to fit trading into your busy life? Here are some tips on how to do it!