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Outright Betting Markets Trading Advice

Martin shares a simple way to have an edge on the outright betting markets!

Betfair Trading - Target Setting Guide

A guide to financial target setting when trading on Betfair from Pro Betfair Trader Martin 

Surviving Coronavirus on Betfair

How to Survive Coronavirus as a Pro Betfair Trader!

Goals Change Games!

Goals change the rhythm of a game, find out how to spot this and how to profit from it!

Do you think I am really not cut out to be a Betfair Trader?

In this video Ryan Carruthers from the Betfair Trading Community, talks about helping hundreds of people over the last 9 years and pointing out what I have seen that people who believe they aren't cut out for trading think and how these can be overcome to make them better traders.

Do you let your trades on Betfair run for longer than you should….

I think we have all been there with a trade on Betfair haven’t we? We get into a situation when trading whether thats red or green and we start to hope, we pray to the trading gods to turn this situation around and get back to break even…. I mean we are getting out at break even aren’t we? That is what us Betfair traders tell ourselves dont we?