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Betfair Cash Out

Betfair Trading Cashout - When Should I cash out of my trade?

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Jun 11, 2023

In this guide I will teach you how to cash out from a trade at the perfect moment! 

Cahing out for those that don't know is simply the process of closing your Betfair trade and taking a profit or a loss.


There are multiple ways to do this but today we are going to discuss the three main options.


Horse Racing

Horse Racing Trading - From Flat Racing to the National Hunt - How to Adapt

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Oct 09, 2019

Horse racing trading as a sport we love is under fire again this week, let's hope the rouge trainers can really work out their methods of how to treat these glorious beasts, or hope that these trainers are gotten rid of so we can focus on the great aspects of this sport.

In Play Back to Lay Part 1 - Finding Selections

This is a video which comes in two parts, the first part is the actual selection process of the exact things that I go through to get to my selection and then part 2 is the video. I use the timeform and pattern form website heavily in my trading as they give a lot of information once you learn how to decipher it.

Ryan Carruthers LIVE Betfair Trading Lay to Back

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May 06, 2016

Hi Guys, 

I will keep this bit short and sweet, I looked through patternform and there seemed to be a lot of other good horses in the race and then the timeform comments made it seem like this horse wasn't going to cause too much concern so I placed a lay just before the off to go in play and profited.