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How to work out everything you need to research for your Betfair Trading

Are you stuck when looking at a trade on Betfair about what exactly you should be thinking when weighing up whether this should be the trade you place?

Full Before and After Analysis of a Betfair Football Trade

This was shared to the members, at Betfair Trading Community we are member focused and work hard to ensure our members become the best traders on Betfair that they can be.

Tennis Trading Betfair - Why I Let Both Players Serve Before Entering?

This video I talk through 3 examples which I was planning on tradiing and how they would of unfolded if I hadn't of stuck to my trading plan for trading tennis on Betfair.

Will you be Betfair Trading the Football Summer Leagues?

In this video I explain why you shouldstop trading on Betfair when the winter leagues are over, there is so many oppotunites to trade the summer leagues on Betfair.

7 Tips To Reading A Tennis Match For Betfair Trading

In this video Ryan Carruthers from Betfair Trading Community talks about what to look for when trading a tennis match on the betfair exchange for beginners and old pros a like.