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Trading Junkies Podcast

Join professional trader Martin Futter as he interviews some of the top trading experts on Betfair. We will look to tackle the real issues within trading on a week to week basis and help you learn to trade the Betfair markets to maximum profit.

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what you are trading on Betfair? So you just randomly trade?

Do you ever feel like you have no idea what you are actually...

Chasing your losses when trading on Betfair? Here's what that spiral leads to, and how to tackle it?

You have just lost on a trade on Betfair, you feel terrible why...

Risking overstaking to build you bank faster? A lack of discipline could cost's how

We’ve all been there, we have looked at a trade on Betfair that...

Ramblings of a Pro Trader - Summer Lovin'

Martin talks fondly about his love of summer trading and why it is his favourite time to trade!

Full Before and After Analysis of a Betfair Football Trade

Pro Football Trader Martin explains fully the thinking behind another one of his successful football trades that was shared with the Betfair Trading Community.

Ramblings of a Pro Trader Episode 10

Weekly ramblings continue!