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Trading Junkies Podcast

Join professional trader Martin Futter as he interviews some of the top trading experts on Betfair. We will look to tackle the real issues within trading on a week to week basis and help you learn to trade the Betfair markets to maximum profit.  

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What's the Best Trading Software for Placing Bets on Betfair?

Martin gives his opinion on this often asked question!

Betfair Trading - First Half Goal Analysis

Martin discusses his thoughts on the popular first half goal market!

In a Different League

Martin discusses why leagues matter!

What Makes a Betfair Trader?

What makes a Betfair Trader?

Sod's Law!

Martin explains why Sod's Law happens to us in trading and how to avoid letting it skew your thinking.

New Season How to Handle it!

How to handle the new season of trading!