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Trading Junkies Podcast

Join professional trader Martin Futter as he interviews some of the top trading experts on Betfair. We will look to tackle the real issues within trading on a week to week basis and help you learn to trade the Betfair markets to maximum profit.

What Should my Trading Bank Size Be?

We calculate what your trading bankroll should be!

Outright Betting Markets Trading Advice

Martin shares a simple way to have an edge on the outright betting markets!

Betfair Trading - Target Setting Guide

A guide to financial target setting when trading on Betfair from Pro Betfair Trader Martin 

Betfair Trading Opportunities during Convid19

What I have learnt about the Betfair Exchange during Convid19!

Surviving Coronavirus on Betfair

How to Survive Coronavirus as a Pro Betfair Trader!

Betfair Trading Self Development - How to avoid being Overwhelmed

Martin uses the guidance from the book 'The Inner Game of Tennis' to relate it to trading!