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Trading Junkies Podcast

Join professional trader Martin Futter as he interviews some of the top trading experts on Betfair. We will look to tackle the real issues within trading on a week to week basis and help you learn to trade the Betfair markets to maximum profit.

How to fit Trading into your life!

Struggling to fit trading into your busy life? Here are some tips on how to do it!

3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Trading Instantly!

Martin shares 3 simple tips that will improve your trading! 

Greed the enemy of Traders!

Martin talks us through Ryan's influential teachings on Greed and how it is the enemy of traders.

The Attack Bias

Pro Trader Martin talks about the attack bias in football and how you can make money opposing the crowd! 

Premier League Power Ratings August 2018

Pro Football Trader Martin gives us his Premier League power ratings after the first two weekends of the season. 

Premier League Power Ratings Part 1

Pro Football Trader Martin talks us through his ratings for the top half of the Premier League before the season!