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The Science Of Value

If you want to be profitable in your betting and trading, it pays to be one step ahead of the crowd.  You don't make money by going with the flow and blindly backing that "sure thing".

It's all about finding value; in other words, a situation in the betting market where the odds on offer do not reflect the true odds of an outcome happening.

Compiling your own odds and finding value is something that we can teach you.  And when you've got the theory nailed down, you'll want to be let loose on the markets for yourself to make some money!  But with so many sporting events on offer every single day of the week, where do you even start?

Make The Numbers Work For You

Ask any professional trader about their typical day's work and you will hear that many hours of their time are spent analysing statistics for upcoming matches and figuring out which ones to trade.  At BTC, we do the work for you and provide you with a wealth of information at the click of a button.

Our fixtures list allows you to browse and preview the week's upcoming matches and gives you a clear visual presentation of hundreds of powerful metrics all geared towards helping you find an edge in the markets. You can quickly and easily compare totals, percentages, averages and odds predictions for any individual team/player, match, league/tournament or country.

You'll also see the current Betfair prices and traded volumes and be able to filter by these to ensure you're finding value!

There are currently 11 different stat focus areas for football and 8 for tennis, including half time and full time scores, over/unders, goal times, sequences, margins, attack stats, breaks, serve/return and many more!

Instant Results

Our smart filter system lets you input any criteria you like and drill down to find upcoming matches that fit your criteria in seconds.

You can even save your preferences so that every time you log on, you're presented with your very own personalised qualifier list for the week's matches.

And if you're still finding your feet and aren't quite sure what you're looking for yet, no problem! We also provide at-a-glance highlights from the week's statistical data; a selection of the highs and lows from all the available data - just one more aspect of this powerful software to help you find those elusive angles.

Currently the software is focused on football and tennis, but we're working hard to add other sports like cricket and NFL to the package.

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