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I have signed up and paid. How do I access the forum?

Visit the forum and follow the password reset process to create your forum login (the site and forum have separate logins for now, however you can use the same password if you wish).

Am I tied in to any kind of membership contract?

No! Of course we would love you to stay, but you can cancel at any time and will not have to make any further monthly payments.

I like to bet but am not a trader. Is it still worth me joining the site?

Absolutely. Our site is driven by people with a wide range of motivations, from full-on professional trading to casual betting.

Do any professional traders contribute to the site?

Yes. We have a mixture of pro, part-time and amateur traders covering all skill levels, all of whom are very active on our forum. Check out the member trades gallery for an idea of how profitable the information shared can be.

Is this for real? How do I know it is legitimate?

We are not one person offering a product or service that may or may not work. We primarily offer a platform for people interested in trading to discuss and develop their skills. Currently we have over 500 members contributing and all of that info is available to members as soon as they join.

I am completely new to trading. Is this for me?

We firmly believe this is the absolute best place to start learning. Our number one rule is "There are no silly questions".  Even if you only heard about sports trading / betting for the first time today, all of our members were once where you are and will be happy to help you get started.  And for £14.99 you can't go wrong!

Do I need a big starting bank?

In terms of your trading bank, you can get started with as much or little as you like; in fact for various reasons which will become clear, we would always recommend starting small.  The important thing is building your skills first, then you can scale up your stakes later.

Which sports / leagues do you cover?

With 500 members, it is possible cover a huge range of competitions.  The main sports handled in our forum are football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, golf, NFL, rugby and darts.  Our stats engine currently centres on football (174 leagues worldwide), tennis and cricket, and is being developed and enhanced constantly.

Can I trade all year round?

Yes! The range of sports and competitions we cover ensures that there's never a dull moment!