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Learn From The Best

If you are a budding Betfair trader, you have no doubt scoured the internet in search of information, advice and profitable strategies.  You may have purchased eBooks and have probably watched hundreds of videos boasting massive trading profits.

It can be very difficult to know who to trust.  Even then, an eBook or tutorial video isn't interactive; it doesn't truly allow you to get inside the mind of the person who created it.  Often, you can be left with more questions than answers.

It is this disconnect that we aim to address at Betfair Trading Community.  We saw a need for a platform where amateur and pro traders could exchange ideas directly and share strategies.  Somewhere to meet like-minded people, learn to trade and have fun doing it.

Earn While You Learn

BTC aims to bring traders of all skill levels together to maximise profits.  As a new member, you will be able to benefit straight away from the collective experience of our existing members, following our proven, community-developed strategies, something that will cover your membership fee many times over during the course of a month.

Our forums buzz every day with people sharing tips, insight and information about the day's events.  Play by play you will learn where to enter, exit and how to manage your positions.

Find Your Edge

With over 500 members taking part in the most active online trading community, you’ll find it very easy to get the help you need to find your niche in any sport and any style of trading.

Membership gives you full access to our forum, where you can discuss strategy and execution with the pros and compare notes with your peers.

In our experience, everyone has something to offer. So whether you are a rookie Betfair trader starting on the road to consistent profits, or a long-time trader looking to sharpen their edge, everyone is welcome here.