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Coronavirus Betfair Trading - What Betfair Trading Community Are Doing?

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Mar 14, 2020

Cornonavirus & Betfair Trading


Are you worried about Betfair Trading in the current climate due to coronavirus? 





As you know, being a sports lover, the Coronavirus is sweeping the world of major sports right now.  There is a suspension on most major sporting events for the next couple of weeks and we wanted to provide an update on our plans here at BTC. 


We are a member focused community and put so much time into interacting with you guys, which will not change, ever.


What we plan to do is carry on.  We shall be in the forum trading the events with you that are going ahead.  As always you guys are the core of everything we do.  BTC is committed to you; here is what we are implementing and what we want you to know: 


1) We shall be in the community to help you become a better trader still, why not take the time to work on some of the aspects around trading that you are weakest on - use the private coaching, ask questions. 


2) (Members Only) LIVE Vimeo session with BTC team, to be able to interact and do some sessions  


3) BTC Academy:  Over 120 lessons have been produced and filmed on every aspect of trading!  This is a great time to work through the course and get the information in without any actual distractions for trading, then utilise those LIVE sessions to chat through any barriers or questions you have with trading. 


4) Horse racing:  This is happening in Dubai and USA behind closed doors. We can take advantage of this. 


5) Politics:  This is a market where those who trade it have done very well.  This will continue to happen as well because we'll be able to make some moves on these markets. 


List of Main Football Leagues still active!

  • National League UK
  • Turkish Leagues
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia
  • Hungary
  • Belarus
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • UAE
  • Australia


There is still plenty of opportunities to trade in these games and the liquidity will be in them as others look to still trade. 


In every situation like this, there is opportunity.  The opportunity here could be to take some time working on your knowledge base, interacting virtually with the members and the BTC of which we shall be around the forum. 


There will also be some markets we can take advantage of, which I have highlighted above.  We are a community of traders and together we can work on profiting.  You are surrounded by some of the best traders the exchanges have seen. 



BTC Team.