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Top 10 Betfair Trading Youtube Videos From BTC in 2019

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Dec 20, 2019

This post is all about Betfair Trading Youtube Videos! Mainly the top 10 that Betfair Trading Community have produced in 2019! 


I have picked these in order of views and I will start with the least watched and build it up in true Christmas countdown style to the most viewed…. 


This post follows on from the top 8 blog posts from us guys this year, we spent a lot of time on YouTube this year and it became a really popular place for us to share our thoughts with you guys, we are always wanting to create content that people actually want to read so if there’s something you think we can create them please get in touch - we read every tweet, every email and every comment on our stuff! 


Without further ado then….. 


Starting us off at number 10…. 


This is one everybody has done at some point when trading on Betfair - Overstaking to build their bank faster?


Number 9… 


Why pre match & in play stats are so important -


Number 8… 


Cricket was so popular with traders this year and this video was no exception…. Why cricket is the best sport to trade on Betfair - 


Number 7… 


This is one of my personal favourites, Saturday afternoon trading on Betfair - 


Number 6… 


7 tips for reading a tennis match to trade - 


Number 5… 


These kind of videos are always popular, Live pre match research - 


Number 4… 


Featuring highly on the blog’s top chart as well was a post on the lay of the draw, it is only right that a video on explaining a strategy which is an oldie but a Goldie…. 


Number 3… 


Interesting in at number 3 is a football strategy video I called the number 3 most profitable football trading strategy! 


Number 2… 


Getting serious now, I am not joking either it is a video I did on the number 2 most profitable strategy…. 


Number 1… 


Can you guess what it is?? 


You would be right for thinking the number 1 most profitable football strategy but it isn’t!!! That video is one of our most popular all time videos but I recorded that video right at the end of 2018, having a massive 15K views it would have been a winner by a long shot… 


No it is a cracking video recorded by Martin, which covers No. 1 Horse lay system -



Well there you have it guys!! Which videos did you like best from us this year? Did you agree with the chart?