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Double your chances of doubling your bank… trade with your head, not your heart. Here’s how…

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Nov 29, 2019

Have you ever traded with your emotions rather than your head?

I think at some stage in our trading we have all been there, take our recent new member Keith for example.

Keith joined up with BTC very recently, he fell foul to all of the things that want to be better traders have fallen foul of at some stage he was chasing losses, trying desperately to find value where he knew there was none. Unsure of what to do and where to turn he joined BTC and believes he has finally found the right place.

Have you ever looked around at potential trades trying to talk yourself into thinking there is value in the trade? I know I have, I have even spoken out loud to myself about it ‘Oh yes, I mean they score over 2.5 in 45% of their games Ryan, it looks solid to me.’ Only to be hit with that gut wrenching 0-0 scoreline at HT and I am sat there deflated, thinking the trading gods are against me - I even then started to look at the ‘in-play’ markets to see what was coming up next because I cannot have that loss can I? Keith followed all of these as well, it is something as traders we have all experienced.

It’s the most frustrating position to be in, but like Keith it doesn’t have to be this way - Keith has doubled his bank in one week! One week, this has been done my keeping stakes small and trying desperately to trade with his head and not his emotions.

Over the last 5 years, I have seen over 1,000 traders come through the door at BTC and do you know the thing that separates the ones that make it from the ones that don’t?

Trading with their head
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Having a trading plan and following it - Not sure on how to create a trading plan? Click here

It really is that simple.

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