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How Betfair Trading Community Built A Popular Betfair Forum - Part 2

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Nov 04, 2019

You loved the why I built a Betfair Forum, so here's how!

In the first post in this series about Betfair Trading Community building a Betfair Forum I spoke about why I created this forum, in this one I will speak about how we created our version of a Betfair Forum. 
If you haven’t read the first post then you can read it here - Why BTC built a popular Betfair Forum Part 1 
Betfair Forum
I covered in the first post why Betfair Trading Community built a popular Betfair Forum, I didn’t speak about how. 
The first place to start with was that I needed an ethos that would flow through this forum, having spent time on the Betfair forum, I knew it had to be different. The idea was to make this forum a traders haven where anybody could ask a question and not have to worry about being shot down, my reasoning here was that I wanted to get people who would be willing to help other traders and also to attract Betfair traders at all different stages of their trading so that we could have a diverse range of people - this would motivate newer traders and also help more experienced traders solidify what they already know - if you haven't ever seen a learning cone then the study suggest your retention of information increases if you teach what you know to others! 
This has been the staple at BTC since the start and I am pleased to say has been a revelation, I am amazed at the amount of time our members spend in the community and the amount they have learnt and share with others - seeing people come in at the start of their journey to be a better trader then a few weeks and months later answering questions with their new found knowledge is amazing, it fills me with pride watching people’s development. 
From here it was all about adding in pillars to make the forum the best Betfair forum it could be, we have a huge software element to the business. It started out as a Betfair forum and has now evolved into what I think is a world class stats software offering, the key thing for us was that we look through multiple sites to get our information when researching our trades, BTC wanted to be able to pull all this information into one place and then allow you to save these filters so that you could get the narrowed down games easily, we achieved this. It was a game changer for my Betfair trading and also the members, we could open up the stats software and get all the games that fit our trading criteria that day in one place to save so much time and give the best use of our time which then allows you more time to narrow down the quality of your trades. 
From here we have added in educational videos for members, strategies and then out from this came members sharing their filters which have been profitable for all members to use and build upon, when this happened it was a huge moment for us. The ethos we have started with has been fully engrained and we can see it working.


Where does that leave us then? 
The plan is more of the same from BTC, we are working on a horse racing stats software to go with our tennis and football software, then we shall add a back testing software which will allow you to back test the strategies - we continue to be focused on making sure our version of the Betfair forum is the best that it can be. 
If you have been a member of BTC in the past or are now, then please get in touch and let us know what you would like to see - we are member focused and build the software in which you want and need.