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Best Sport to Trade on Betfair - Cricket?

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Jun 26, 2019

Anyone who has been around Betfair Trading Community for a while will know that one of the first pillars of advice we give our new sports traders is to master one sport at a time before moving onto another one. The four main sports we cover are football, tennis, horse racing and cricket and we will do a piece on each sport.

In this series we will talk about why each sport can be better than the other and hopefully help you to decide which sport you want to trade yourself!

Today's sport is Cricket so if you have any interest in trading this sport then read/watch/listen on:

10 reasons you should consider trading cricket above other sports:

1. There is a hell of a lot of money traded on Cricket! - As a result there are plenty of liquid matches and opportunities for trading. Every IPL match trades into the tens of millions! 

2. It is a niche sport to trade in some respects (outside of the IPL and Asia) - And as a result with the right knowledge and info you can easily have an edge on a less informed market.

3. Matches tend to span the whole day or large chunks of it - Making it easier to trade around a time that suits you! 

4. Cricket markets tend to be predictable and don't adapt to obvious errors very quickly - We have layed the draw in test matches for years and made money, the market never catches up!

5. We have the best cricket trader on Betfair giving us his insight and advice - Richard has traded cricket professionally for 15 years! He is the oracle and we also have some other great cricket traders.

6. BTC is simply the best community for cricket traders - We have made consistent profits for members for 5 years now! 

7. Our cricket trading thread is very popular and full of daily insight! Check the it out in our forum:

8. Cricket has no off-season - You can trade it all year round! 

9. Scalping inbetween balls can be highly profitable too, negating any big risks while trading in-play - Read the masterclass here:

10. Often with only one or two big matches per day you can narrow your focus - This helps you make sure not to overtrade and trade too many matches! 

So there you have it, 10 very good reasons you should trade cricket above other sports! Join us next time when we will argue that Horses are the best sport to start learning to trade.

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