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How to Trade the Outright Betting Markets on Betfair - The Best Strategies and Systems

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May 01, 2019

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Anyone who has been a member of Betfair Trading Community will know that one our favourite markets to trade are the longer term outright betting markets. So for example markets like 'Premier League Winner' 'Wimbledon Men's Singles Winner' and 'Superbowl Winner'. The main reason is that these markets are often ripe with value due to the bigger odds on ourcomes due to the amount of teams or participants. 

Some of the winning trades I have shared on the site in the past couple of years:

Grigor Dimitrov to win the ATP Finals at odds of 12+ (I also tipped the losing finalist Goffin at 30!)

Boston Red Sox to win the World Series Baseball at odds of 15.0+ (won it quite comfortably)

Chennai Super Kings to win the IPL at odds of 8.0+ (they won it easily).

LA Rams to win the Superbowl at odds of 15.0 (they lost a close Superbowl game but traded odds on at one point!)

Let me share with you how I have found such great value winners at big prices regularly, members read the full article here:

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