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Betfair Trading in the Zone

Martin's picture
Mar 06, 2019

Is your trading suffering because you cannot get into that focussed zone?

Now many of you traders will have heard of the book 'Trading in the Zone' a great read for all of us, this blog post is not about the book but is going to focus on how to really get into that all important 'zone' for trading.

In this busy world we live in where there seems to be endless menial tasks to carry out in our daily lives it can be hard to make sure we are working in the right environment. So I have written a comprehensive list of how to get into that zone and hopefully keep that winning feeling moving forward! 

The three main areas you need to focus on are:

Mindset - Your mentality when you start your trading

Environment - The area in which you trade

Tools - The equipment you use to gain an edge


  1. Make sure you are in a good state of mental health when trading, do not trade if you are in an angry, upset or depressed state at that moment. 
  2. If you work in another job take a short break before trading when getting in from the office, a refreshed mind is a massive advantage. 
  3. Try to feel confident in yourself and your ability, not easy this one but try your best to believe in yourself.


  1. A clear space where you can trade in peace - no kids or family members to distract you - try to find a place to trade.
  2. Somewhere with decent lighting, if possible as much access to sunlight as possible, we know how that can positively effect mood.
  3. Somewhere warm enough! If you are cold you will not trade well, keep one of those portable radiators with you if you are cold. 


  1. Make sure you have a powerful enough computer and at least 2 (preferably 3) linked up screens. I recommend a desktop above a laptop but either can work. 
  2. Use trading software, I use Bet Trader but there are lots to choose from.
  3. Use Betfair Trading Community, use our football software , use our forum for advice and questions

Ok so there are 9 points to work on, they are all very imporant factors of being able to get into the right trading zone! 

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