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Grand National 2018 Preview

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Apr 11, 2018

It is that time of year again when the bookmakers are full of every single person in the world trying to place a bet. 

They have listened to that crazy lady who got in the bath with some weird candles and the racing post to pick that 50/1 winner if you didn't guess it already then its the Grand National! 

This is always a great time of year for me, it's for a start usually around my birthday but it also reminds me of why I first got into the great sport we all love of horse racing. You know, all around the television on a Saturday afternoon with the family screaming at the screen screaming on the horse you picked and had £1 of my pocket money on. 

Anyways, that isn't going to help you pick a winner but hopefully, the rest of this blog post will! 

I have some key things you need to look at when picking a winner in this year's big event, the first thing for me to state here is the weather has been awful for racing so I will be picking a horse which likes the mud like Gas Line boy! 

Right, firstly did you know that 17 of the last 27 (62%) winners have come from the first 8 in the betting? To add to that though 7 of the last 11 winners have all gone off higher than 25/1 - I blame the handicappers here who are there to make it more competitive, I won't even start to talk to you about the stats on weight because it becomes a total and utter nightmare in this regard - it used to be no more than 11st but now it is blown wide open on this regard. 

When you are looking at jockeys Ruby has the best record having won twice and finishing 8 times from his 13 rides. For you, each way guys (you know who you are) Paul Moloney is your friend never ridden the winner but places for 7 years until 2016! 

One thing worth researching when picking your horse is whether they have fallen before! The fences have been modified a lot over recent years to make it a safer jumping race but good jumpers still get the vote for me, especially because it tests a horse this course and 18 of the last 21 winners had no more than 2 falls in their career! 

To round all of that up then..... 

  • You want a horse that has only fallen 2 times in their career MAX! 
  • Bred in Ireland 
  • Finished in the top 4 in a national of another description 
  • Ran well over hurdles 

Remember though the National isn't like any other race really in my eyes, it is a bit of fun and a great introduction to people who aren't so fixated with this incredible sport we call horse racing. Let me know who you will be fancying!