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Best of BTC: 2017 Edition

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Dec 28, 2017

Today I am tasked with a very difficult task, selecting the top BTC posts from 2017. Let’s be honest as I am a crazy cat man it is like asking me to pick between my favourite cat.


Every post that we put out is crafted and created with care, I value all of them deeply.


So, I decided to grab a coffee and get stuck in with a system. I love a good system.


This year we have really put the emphasis on a you as a trader and the mentality side of trading and then Martin has come and created some blogs that really support strategies that really clear the fog around trading to be locked into your trading war chest.


This year’s top BTC picks are lessons about strategies and mentality that will help any trader be fully prepared for 2018.


How to scalp markets with low liquidity


5 key ways to be a successful in play football trader


Top 6 ways to find an edge in sports trading


Why you should never chase losses


A lack of discipline is killing yout betfair trading


(Members Advice) Preparing to trade football with Keith Anderson


Why you need a trading plan and how to create one


(Members Advice) Preparing to trade horses with John Folan


The external and internal pressures associated with trading




Particular episodes to listen to again, with a notebook handy I might say are:


What I do trading - during


What I do before I start trading


International football and why I don’t trade it!


You can find all of the podcasts here.


This has been a huge year of transition here at BTC, you might have seen but we have moved away from the Facebook group and moved to a dedicated forum which has increased engagement, it runs very well with our dedicated football stats software which members are using to find some excellent strategies.


My personal highlight of 2017 is My (Ryan) & John’s horse pace project which has been a community project which has seen people’s bank triple over the year to 1% flat stakes, amazing news!


What are your 2017 BTC favourites?


Did you love a post or maybe event posts that I didn’t mention here?


Share the posts that you found the most useful in the comments below.