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Ryan's Trading Angles 1st October

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Oct 02, 2016

NFL Trading Week 4 

Colts v Jags (BBC2) 

On Defence the Jags are rated 16th in my spreadsheet and the Colts 23, offence Colts are 9th and the Jags 26th. It's been the same case this season for the Colts as last season it's the defence that lets them down, this worries me as Robinson is a serious talent and if Bortles can get the ball to him he has the potential to break through their defence. If Bortles is getting this going then I will look to lay the Colts when the Jags are on the ball. 

Bills @ Patriots (Sky)

Patriots were a big bet for me last week they were very much value against the Texans and they had their third string QB, one of the best defensive players they’ve got was missing too (Hightower). Can their QB do it again this week? I don’t think the Bills are consistent enough to win this especially against the Pats, both defensives for me are ranked in a way that means they can both give up points, whoever gets to and breaks through 20 points first will win this for me, I’ll be looking for a point where I can back the Pats at 1.70 or above in play, they’ll by one TD for me! 

Broncos @ Bucs (Sky) 

The Bucs are one of my underrated teams as I spoke about on a BTC post this week. But it's not time to start believing the hype that they are world beaters just yet, Winston needs to work on his accuracy (4th least accurate) and today he faces a defence that has turned up this season when we all thought they might not and they currently sit on a 3-0 start! The Broncos haven’t asked their QB to do that much this season yet though, so what I want to see here is the Bucs getting Thomas and Sanders stopped so that he has to throw the ball then it could be a closer game, I will look to lay the Broncos if the Bucs are stopping Thomas and Sanders so the Broncos have to try something else. 

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