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New Upcoming Blog Series! Turning Skills, Learnt Material, Good Advice into Profit and Hard Cash

Martin's picture
Dec 07, 2016

If there is one truth in the trading community it is this, people who are given the same info and help will still get wildly different results in their trading.

We see it on a daily basis on BTC, Twitter and betting sites.

For Pro's it is easy to forget why this happens and sometimes hard to understand how two people who are given the exact same advice can have opposite outcomes. However, it is important to remind ourselves how easy the common mistakes are to make!

So why does this phenomenon occur?

There are many reasons, a couple of obvious ones are:

  • Humans are all unique and behave differently
  • Discipline vs Indiscipline - Over-staking and betting too much per trade/Chasing or not accepting losses

These reasons are pretty easy to evaluate and we know what to work on to change outcomes (that is not to say that the changing of discipline in itself is easy).

There are however, some hidden or less obvious reasons and these are what we are going to focus on in this series.

  1. Hedging/trading out too early/late
  2. Lack of Patience
  3. Poor time management/trading at the wrong time
  4. Not mastering one sport and trying to learn them all at once
  5. External and Internal Pressure
  6. Not following advice correctly
  7. Too much Ego vs Low Confidence

These blog posts will be released weekly with the first is coming out this weekend. Make sure you don’t miss out on this priceless trading advice!