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Betfair Football Trading - Make Money Scalping Low Liquidity Markets

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Nov 02, 2017

There's gold in them thar hills!

I have seen a lot of trading advice that says we should not trade in illiquid markets and for some strategies and systems that does make a lot of sense. However, there is often money to be made in these markets as it can be a lot easier to get matched at a good price because you can often get matched on your 'offered' price unlike liquid markets where if you want to get matched you pretty much have to take the price being offered give or take a tick. 

Why does this happen? People are impatient and also naive, they think that if they want to take said bet then they have to take the price available. The reason we can make money from this is that we are patient and willing to offer prices that will benefit us more than the current ones being offered. 

Now, when I talk about illiquid markets to trade I do not mean totally dead markets where no money at all is getting matched, I am usually looking at markets with 5-10 tick gaps that are inplay and money is still being regularly matched. 

So how can we take advantage of these 'gappy' markets? Well one way I do it is by scalping them! So how do I do this? I will explain below.

  1. As ever with scalping I use trading software, it really is essential. I use BetTrader however there are others out there so see what works best for you!
  2. I reduce my usual scalping stakes, you don't want to be sitting on big liabilities when waiting to be matched as you will have to wait a bit longer than in liquid markets.
  3. I find the match in question, it will usually be a European game in a top league but in a less popular country for betting on their games, like Poland, Russia or Romania for example.
  4. I like to trade the goal markets in particular, usually a market where one goal will not cost me my stake, so if it is 0-0 I would want to trade the over 1.5 goals market or higher, I would not trade the over 0.5 goals market. 
  5. Usually I will be backing unders first, that is simply because this is the price that will be coming in if there is no goal or red card.
  6. I research the game I am looking to trade and check it on our software, looking for games I expect to be unders.
  7. So I like to pick times where goals are not likely to be scored soon, goal kicks, subs, injuries or even the HT break.
  8. I try to back at the highest price not offered yet in the market, so if a match is 0-0at HT and under 1.5 goals is being offered to back at 1.9 or lay at 2.0, I will try to back it at 1.99. 
  9. As soon as I get matched I 'shoot the gaps' which means I then lay unders. However, this time I want to lay at the lowest price not being offered. So in the example above I would lay at 1.91.
  10. Often the prices get matched quickly and easily, you may have to adjust them as the market moves if you do not get matched.
  11. Don't hang around too long, I try and get in and out as quickly as possible 2 minutes would be a long time for me to be in a trade.There is nothing wrong with getting matched at say 1.98 and laying at 1.95 in the example given above should the market go that way.
  12. Always hedge for an equal green on both sides when in profit.
  13. If a goal is scored and the market has gone against you hedge for the loss.

That's it! Practice this when you next get the chance, you will be amazed how often the top and bottom ends of a 'gappy' market can be matched quickly in play. Once you get the hang of it, it really can be a great way to make money trading! 

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