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NFL Week 3 - Review

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Sep 25, 2017

NFL Week 3 - My notes 


I am back from the London game yesterday guys! What a game for the Jags, I will start with this game shall I? 


Jags really really know how to handle the international games, they come over and have it right! It’s serious for them and they love the atmosphere it is a solid home game for them! That D is solid, totally solid, young guys working together! It is a think of beauty - dare I say playoffs? Watch out for that connection between Bortles and Lewis (TE) that looked solid today and he could be a weapon for them! Ravens did not turn up at all, couple of injuries this week didn’t help! 


Redskins Cousins is a solid QB, the skins have to get him locked down! I have to say I was worrying this season for him due to losing his weapons he had on the outside last season, he is coming in narrow now and wow he turned up today and is a solid QB! Very surprised as the O line on the raiders is solid, one of the best in the league but they were solid today! 


Eagles for me have to protect Wentz he isn’t going to be the best QB straight away so what they are doing with a 50/50 between the pass and the run is brilliant for them and I love that they are doing it, giving Wentz the confidence to build upon - Giants, watch Eli when he gets the ball out faster he is much better and when OBJ plays that man is a nightmare to defend against, especially when they use the slant routes. 


Houston/Pats was a game of the QB’s! Watson for me will take a lot from this game, old Bill loves to get at young QB’s! Watson today well he held his own and then some! His calmness in the pocket was one of the best things today, then he was able to make plays. Of course Brady is the best ever, Jesus is he! (Why did I drop him?) JJ & Clowney fit was what all texans fans have been wanting to see and they were disruptive! 


Chiefs have built their offence as a spread around Smith and it is paying off system fits him perfectly, he has the weapons! 


Vikings are so so solid!! Diggs impressed me so much this week, he has had injuries which sort of plagued him today he looked like there was nothing wrong ever! His confidence in his body must be high now hoping he can kick on from here, Cook is the real deal at RB too! 


Bears/Steelers - I put Big Ben in because I thought he would destroy the bears like ruin them, nope! Their D was strong…. their QB was still so so poor where they won this was the O line and the run. O line was aggressive they gave the RB’s time and holes to make the plays…. Still not convinced with the bears. 


Falcons/Lions both teams I was worried for in the offseason as all the stats seemed they wouldn’t be what they were last season - I was wrong! Both hungry and playing some very good football and on both sides of the ball! 



Titans/Hawks…. I got back from London late started to watch this, was gutted I did! The titans did to the hawks what hawks have been doing for years… so run run run! Good running game for the titans is cruical because Marcus M is a great QB (I am a huge fan!) but he is better when you let him run the ball and then let him make plays (similar to R Wilson) they did that today then came hard when defending. Hawks have ZERO running game and it’s a mess, they need that because the D plays at a level which is fast and strong you have to protect them and give them that time between offence and attack. Seattle need a better running game and let Wilson make some plays thats what they are strongest at! 


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