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Market Hype Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor

Martin's picture
Aug 24, 2017

I often use what I refer to as 'market hype' to my advantage when trading. What I mean by market hype is a market that has been heavily effected by the 'hype' or promotion surrounding the event, in such a way that the odds become distorted. Think England football team in every major tournament since Betfair began!

So what is the number one sport for this phenomenon...Boxing! 

Yes that's right, the sport with the most 'smack talk' and sales nonsense ever known to man also happens to be the sport with the most distorted odds as a result. You know that time Sky and

No fight in history will ever prove this theory as much as Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor. Betfair trading has been around for nigh on 15 years and I have never been so surprised by the odds of anything as much as I am here. Floyd Mayweather probably the greatest boxer of my generation is facing a man who has never boxed a professional fight and is trading at 1.29, are you serious? 

I like to think of comparisons from other sports so let's use tennis, this is the equilvalent of Roger Federer playing an pro squash player at tennis but the squash player has never played a Pro tennis match and has had only a few months of tennis training and saying that Federed only wins this around 77% of the time! Crazy absolutely crazy!

Sports betting is a funny game as we know and anything can happen but even so this should be priced at 1.02 tops in my opinion, Therefore, it is great value which should be taken. I get that some people don't like to bet odds on and that is fine bet something else that day. Or take me on, be a layer of Floyd and laugh at this blog post if he loses! 

Now even if you don't agree that is fine but you will find your own markets where you think hype has effected the price, take advantage! 

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