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Preparing to Trade Tennis with Ryan Carruthers

Martin's picture
May 18, 2017

How do you prepare for trading tennis?

I like to go to the gym firstly, this lets me get any anger from the day or night before away so that I start each trading day clear. I then grab a coffee and start researching my chosen sport, the games that are on that day, the news around the teams, players… finding stats which stick out to me.


Can you give a brief explanation of your daily routine before you actually place your first trade?

Yes, it is actually a lot different to how people think, so my daily routine is that I get up, feed the cat then I go to the gym, I try to totally zone out in the gym and think only about what I am doing there, I try to not let my eyes be drawn to sky sports news!

I have an office which I trade from or sometimes I decide to do my morning routine in my favourite coffee shop. This now consists of me checking out the BTC stats and my saved filters for that day, I then have a list of potential trades which I narrow down by checking the team news. I then look through the tennis card and do the same, I look for players that I know a lot about (which these days is a fair few!) but I look at the prices and see if any look tasty, the way I trade tennis is in the first set so I am looking for players I know can start fast against players who sometimes struggle early doors.

I research the top 5 potential trades that stick out to me, then I have a plan saved on a document on my computer with the time of the trade and the notes I have made and my potential angle on that particular event.

It's now time to look through and see what time I need to be around to trade, I then spend some time reading around tennis and football and the NFL so I am up to date with the sports I trade, I spend some time taking on the community.


How do you choose when to trade? Is it a set time each day or does it depend on what is on?

It all depends on whether I feel I have found an angle on it, which comes from my research. I then watch the trades unfold from the start and see if it fits my criteria for entry I then get involved, its almost a robotic way of trading.


What sources or reference material do you refer to before placing a trade?

Betfair Trading Community Stats, Ratings and News - most of my info is now all in here!


Tennis insight

My own notes on players


Do you have snacks and refreshments? If so what works best for you?

Coffee & Water

I drink a lot of water through out the day and always start the day with a coffee when doing my morning research.


Do you have a time limit on a session?

I don’t limit the session as such, I stick to my plan. I will stop trading though if for example I had 5 on my plan for that day and 3 took longer than usual I will stop then, I will only trade things that are on my plan.


What advice would you give anyone preparing to trade your sport?

Trading is fast and I know you think you’ve got to be involved but don't rush, I always get asked why I let both players have a serve each, simple if they both hold their serve then the SP hasn't really moved much and I get to see how both players have started, their body language etc… imagine if I backed a player and they dropped their serve and then couldn't break their opponent? I am now looking at a red straight into a trade and that could affect my mentality.