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Do you want to see a live Betfair trade and a money making strategy using the stats?

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Apr 29, 2016

Hi Guys, 

The feedback this morning one of the members was new to trading and wanted to see how to use the stats so I knocked up a quick video showing you a live in play betfair trade and how I used the stats software to do it - there was a couple of games on at the time as well and I went on the stats software and then headed over to betfair to get some more football trading done. 

Thats the best thing about this betfair trading football software is that it is current and you can also save your filters so you can easily find this types of trades! 

If you have any questions then fire away guys! 


Caan's picture

Interesting stats video there Ryan. Thanks for sharing. Caan

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