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Prematch Football Trading

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Apr 20, 2017

Prematch Football Trading Guide

Prematch Football Trading

One of the most popular forms of Betfair sports trading is prematch trading. By that we mean a trade which take place before the match begins, a trade that is entered and closed before kick off.

Why is this so popular?

It is perceived to be a 'safe' trade due to the fact that no risk is taken in play, a goal cannot come before kick-off so wild odds movements are unlikely. Therefore, people can trade with more money knowing that not much of the actual stake is really at risk if hedged out prematch.

So how do you make money?

As ever you need an 'edge' on the market to make money. Study the markets! These markets tend to follow patterns and information, so you need to have a good idea of what these markets tend to do and of which sources to use to gather information to give yourself an edge.

What are the key sources for information?

There are a huge number of sources for information on prematch trading. Twitter is one, club websites are another, we also created a really useful News section on the website exactly for this! Check it out here: Football Team News

What else influences price?

Bookmakers like Pinnacle and SBO Bet have a big effect on the market, if their prices are moving one way then odds are Betfair will follow suit. Make sure to always check these places for their prices to see where the money is moving and the how the key odds makers are reacting.

A need for speed?

Yes, it is absolutely crucial that you get your information at the same time or before the market does, otherwise the value will have been eaten up by the market. Bare in mind that team news is often released an hour before KO and even sooner sometimes on Twitter, you have to be alert and see if the changes to the team will have an impact on price.

What staking can I use?

I would advise 10-20% of the bankroll on the bigger matches (where big price moves are less likely) and 5-10% on small games (where prices can shoot around). Whatever you do you must not ever let your trade go inplay!

When do I get out?

Depending on your information and style of trading this can vary. Once teams are common knowledge you are unlikely to get any more value in the market, by this point I would want to have closed my trade for better or worse. This usually happens about 15-30 minutes before KO. If you got your info early on (2-3 days prior to event) then you may want to hedge after a significant price movement early on.

Any key information that may not be well known?

Friendlies are an absolute goldmine for prematch trading, as we get to friendly season post May watch out for any info you can get on surprisingly weak squads representing big clubs or vice versa. Make sure to check bookmaker prices as they can also be miles off exchange odds in friendlies especially, great arbitrage opportunities will present themselves this summer. Coral have been particularly bad at pricing friendlies in the past.

Anything else before I get started?

Yes, it is always worth asking on the forum before placing a trade of any kind to see what other traders think. I find in trading that hearing someone else's thoughts can help me clarify my position. Also with the multi-cultural nature of our site, someone may know something about the match that you do not and therefore can give you a warning or tell you why it is a good trade to make! Start with small stakes and ease into it, you will soon start to notice how the market moves and reacts, as well as the reasons why.


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