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5 Things That Separate Winning Betfair Traders From The Losing Ones!

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Dec 08, 2023

10 years of training Betfair traders from amateur level to pro level has taught me a lot about what makes a winning trader. I’ve spotted a few different things that tend to separate the winners from the losers!


  1. A Profitable Strategy and/or Edge on the Betfair Trading Markets



Perhaps a little obvious but it’s really important to create and develop a winning Betfair Trading strategy. Most Pro Traders use software like the one at Betfair Trading Community to do it but however you decide to do it, it’s important to do! 


  1. A Strong Mentality - Ability to Accept Winning and Losing Betfair Trades



Something that will set you apart from most other Betfair traders is if you can accept losing trades and losing days. Most traders react badly and let their emotions take over their trading when they have a bad run, this only ever makes things worse! Try to keep your emotions in check. 

As Rudyard Kipling said ‘If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;’ 

That’s the key to having a good strong mentality: don't overreact to winning or losing.


Before I get to number three I have a handout blog post from this video for you. It’s FREE and will send it to you, just say the comment ‘WINNING’ and I will get that over to you.



  1. Good Bankroll Management - Keeping Your Money as Safe as Possible



One thing the profitable Betfair traders have in abundance is good bankroll management techniques. They protect their money and do not overstake or bet too much of it on one trade. Without good bankroll management even the best Betfair traders will go bust. If you want to master your bankroll management I have a blog post you can read:


  1. Long Sightedness - Seeing the long term picture rather than short term



Profitable Betfair traders tend to think in the long term and plan their trading accordingly. One thing they do not do is think that one bad day matters in the grand scheme of things. I’ve seen so many losing traders who just cannot get their head around how to think long term. What matters is not what happens today but rather where you are in a year or two’s time.


  1. Continued Self Development - Using software and training services to continually improve as a Betfair Trader. 



Pro Betfair Traders are always looking for ways to improve, even though they are already winning. That’s the mark of a champion, using software like Betfair Trading Community’s football and horse racing software they continue to push the boundaries of Betfair Trading and this is what we should all be doing. Self developing skills are encouraged in most careers these days and this one is no different!


So there you have it 5 things that separate the winning Betfair Traders from the losers, you should start doing them right now!

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