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The True Motivation Of My Obsession To Trade

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Feb 24, 2016

Hi everybody reading this, it's Ryan one of the Betfair professional traders on I was away last week on a holiday and while away it got my thinking about motivation for trading etc… so I thought I would write a blog post on things that motivate me to continue trading after 8 years of pro trading.

Firstly most people say the money! Well it’s not, it really isn’t. I was in New York last week and I chat to everybody and got chatting to a trader in Wall Street – I had to go to wall street didn’t I? He spoke to me about how he earns really good money but he works so much that he can never truly enjoy it. This got me thinking about the biggest reason I love trading and I always will – freedom.

Trading has given me freedom in my life that no job ever could, like ever. I know I can take a week off without asking my boss or worrying about the state of the office when I get back. Yesterday was my first day back in the office, to catch up on what I had missed so I was ready to trade again my tasks involved:

  • Finding out what sport results I had missed out on
  • Reading sports headlines
  • Catching up with Martin
  • Reading some BTC posts from pros and semi pros and new traders

It amazes me when I see it like that, there were no invoices to chase up, check deadlines had been met, customers to make sure they received their orders etc… my catching up was reading sport – how is this even a job?!

Oh and speaking with a fellow pro trader Martin and of course seeing what you guys on the community have been doing – you guys at the community give me so much motivation everyday, the passion you have for trading and the friendships that are being created on the community makes trading even more exciting for me than it has ever been.

One thing I really urge people to do is get away from trading every so often, it helps you enjoy the real reason that you are trading on the exchanges and it enables you to become more motivated about your trading goals but mainly it rewards you for your efforts.  Let’s face it, trading is not easy - you work hard, you read stats, you sometimes spend hours up at night watching tennis but you soldier on.  Rewarding yourself will give you a great sense of achievement and motivate you to keep going.

Keep going, make some trading friends, get involved in trading and watch your life change!

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