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Betfair Odds and Betting Podcasts

Martin Futter's picture
Apr 07, 2017

Taking a break from our preparing to trade series this week to make a couple of big announcements!

1. BTC Stats software now has the Betfair Odds Incorporated (cannot understate how great this feature is, learn about it!)- Check out the explanation video from Adam here:

2. The Podcasts are making a comeback due to multiple requests from you guys - Check out Martin's weekend trading preview here:

Podcast feedback is more than welcome (sound will be louder next week I promise!) if you have anything you want discussed let us know.

So make sure you watch and listen to BTC this week!

See you next week for our final entry to the preparing to trade series.

Here is to a profitable weekend.


daniel handyside's picture

Happy with the entry on these 2.68. can you go over why 2.68 and how flexible this is? I know its all to do with value but do you always have to have value or can you stick to around to or close to 2.68. Also how you work out value maybe we can have a calculator made up for value. What i mean is if you have a strike rate of like 80% what price should you be taken? And in the LTD HT i am getting out as soon as a profit hits does this effect the value i take? maybe you can do a podcast on these issues. Hope I am not the only one who needs these questions cleared up. Kind Regards Dan

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