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Step by Step Second Half Goal Betfair Strategy Creation Guide

Martin's picture
Jul 08, 2023

This guide is for people who want to create a strategy for backing a Second Half Goal on Betfair.

I will take you step by step through the process and hopefully give you ideas on how to start creating one.

Lets go!

1. Once you've logged in, just click on 'football stats' and that will take you straight to the statistics software. 


2. Then click the 'filter' button in the right hand corner, This is where you create your strategy.



3. Then select 'overall' and then 'percentage'






4. Then click, 'scored in H2' which means how many times that have scored at least one goal in the second half. Then click anywhere outside the box to exit.




5. Then we type in a number for our percentage in this example I'm going to go for 'Greater than or equal to' and '85' (85%) here.


6. Click 'Add' to add that criteria.



7. Scroll down and name the filter, in this example I will name it 'Second Half Goal Filter'.




8. Then click 'Save' to save it.


9. Your selections will now show in the box.



10. This is very basic way of doing a filter step by step.

Hopefully, this gives you some creativity and some ideas about how you can create a second half goal strategy yourself!

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