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Horse Racing Software Training - How To Use It & Make Money!

Martin's picture
Jun 14, 2022

Here is our Horse Racing Software Training - Following this guide will help you to not only learn how to use this powerful piece of software but actually teach you how to make money from it! 

Our excellent new horse racing software (Find That Here!) is turning unprofitable traders into profitable ones! 

If you are new to Betfair horse racing we have training for beginners here instead - click here


So here is the software trainging enjoy! 

1. Why The Horse Racing Software Is Essential for Traders

2. How To Find Ready Made Strategies

3. Creating a Set & Forget Strategy From Scratch

4. How To View Your Strategy Results + How To Analyse Key Data

5. Viewing Individual Trade Results + Upcoming Selections

6How To Find The Perfect Odds Range For Your Strategy

7. A Trading Strategy Example + Explanation

8. How To Trade Your Strategy

9. Daily Selections List & Next Steps

10. Further Support


Gordon Squance's picture

Hi there I'm interested to know if your software can backtest a strategy I have regarding horses in the place market on betfair. Does your software cover the in running lowest price reached on the place market. If it does I'd be interested in taking out a subscription. Thanks for your help. Regards Gordon Squance

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