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FREE Betfair Horse Racing Trading Course For Beginners

Martin's picture
Jun 11, 2022

So many of you have asked for this I am now giving away a free mini-course on Betfair Horse Racing Trading.

I know that because of our excellent new horse racing software (Find That Here!) there are a lot of new Betfair horse racing traders.

If you are instead looking for training for our software - CLICK HERE

So here it is a free horse racing course for new horse racing traders! Enjoy! 

Lesson 1: Course Intro


Lesson 2: Backing and Laying


Lesson 3: Scalping and Tick Trading Explained


Lesson 4: Dobbing, Back to Lay and Lay To Back Strategies Explained


Lesson 5: Live Trading Example Dobbing (Back to Lay)


Lesson 6: Lay The Field Explained


Lesson 7: Betfair Starting Price Explained


Lesson 8: Things You Must Consider When Creating a Strategy

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