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BTC Cheletenham Preview - 2017

Ryan Carruthers's picture
Mar 13, 2017
Well guys! Yep, it’s that time of year again when we get to hear that beautiful sound that we all love - the Cheltenham roar! I really think next year we should organise a BTC social to the festival and have a get together… 
I’ll be breaking this into a bit of a mini series guys I think and will be pulling together information from a couple of my favourite sites when looking at the horses, I might even have some DOB’s out, if you are lucky! 
I love this festival, something about it always reminds me just how much I love what we do, the press is starting to talk about it and you just know that the liquidity on the Betfair markets will be very juicy! 
Whether its your first Cheltenham or the tenth, it is very very easy to get excited as there is well so much money flying around. Remember to take it easy, stay consistent - you’ll have one of the best weeks of the year and not just because of the profit potential. 
I’ll start by using At The Races who always offer a lot of great information on the festival. 
Taken from at the races website
(Taken from 
As you can see from the figures above, over the last 10 years it really hasn’t been a good time for backing favourites at the festival. So it might be worth thinking twice before backing a favourite but you also need to understand the higher priced winners you know the ones we all dream of hitting? If you are in the 14/1 to 18/1 range then you want to be looking at Thursday as statistically this was the best day for these, look out for those horses who moved up in class as well as these represent value historically. If you do go for a horse in the 20/1 - 28/1 category you are going to want a Nicky Henderson, Willie Mullins or Jonjo O’Neil horse as these have all has success in this range but eliminate horses that haven’t raced for 76 days or more. 
Here’s a breakdown of odds and winners (taken from
taken from at the races website
8/1 or shorter have dominated the festival recently. 
I won’t waffle on anymore and bore you with more stats based information and will summarise all the above for all of those who just scanned to this bit, remember I will be emailing out daily some of my top tips and trends but 
  1. Look for horses 8/1 or shorter 
  2. Favourites haven’t faired well historically 
  3. 14/1 to 18/1 back these on Thursday 
  4. 20/1 to 28/1 Nicky Henderson, Willie Mullins or Jonjo O’Neil - But they have to have ran in the last 76 days leading upto the festival  
  5. Horses that finished 5th or worse last time but completed are worth a look as well especially if this last race was at Leopardstown or Punchestown 
That’s it guys, as I said I’ll be emailing out some more information on the days themselves to hopefully have a better festival together guys, remember stay calm guys. 
Trading can be as easy or as complicated as you make it, remember that. 
PS - Betdaq 
Cheltenham Betdaq are doing a 20% win boost up to £25 on each days feature race - worth looking into guys!