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Mar 07, 2022

Football (soccer) is one of the most popular sports globally, and online trading of matches generates billions of dollars in turnover each year. Trading can be an exciting way to profit regardless of the match's outcome. Football trading on Betfair can be a very profitable way to make money. Still, it can also be risky if you don't have a solid Betfair trading strategy in place. If you missed any video in February, here is a summary of some simple but effective Betfair trading strategies that you can use when trading football matches. 


Under 2.5 Goals Football Betting & Trading - Betfair Pros & Cons


Football is a game of passion, and it brings out emotions in people - anger, joy, and sadness. When it comes to trading and betting on football, the emotions run high, and the stakes are significant. That's what makes football such an exciting sport to bet on. But there's more to it than that.


People bet on football for a variety of reasons. Some people do it for pure entertainment, others because they are fans of a specific team and want to support them no matter what, and some do it to make money.

 Understanding Betfair football trading strategies is essential. 


Follow the discussion as Martin shows how to use the Betfair trading community testing master sheet to your advantage for the under 2.5 goals strategy. He talks about the pros and cons and why he prefers using the under 2.5 goals strategy.


Under 2.5 Goals Football Betting & Trading - Betfair Pros & Cons


The EASY Football Trading Income Strategy for 2022


If you want to make some income trading, this video is a must-watch! 

Ryan talks about his strategy and has made money with it for the last 12 years. 

The strategy is very simple, and anyone can use it. It is a long term strategy that will enable you to make a consistent income for years to come. One thing to remember is that once you identify strategies that have proven to work overtime, you should adopt them. Tweak your football trading strategies as you learn more to suit your needs. 


Watch the EASY Football Trading Income Strategy for 2022 - Betfair Exchange. Find out: 

  • Why do I(Ryan) use it….
  • How do I use it…
  • Why should you?


 Live Football Trading First Half Goal & Market Analysis


Do you ever find yourself thinking…..

 I don't have time to trade!

I don't have time to sit and watch all the football matches to trade!

You know what no one really does.

Sometimes football trading can feel like an uphill task because the odds constantly change. You need to have the best information to trade confidently.


When you have match selections, it becomes effortless to trade. Football trading first-half goal market helps you gain an edge on your opponents and win more. So how does it work? 


In this video, Martin shows an example of a live trade in the first half goal market on a Liverpool vs Leicester football match. Learn how you can use the first-half goal to trade and be profitable.

Live Trading First Half Goal & Market Analysis - Betfair Exchange + Win an Amazon Voucher!


Under 3.5 Goals- Betfair trading strategy


How much income does your current strategy bring in? 

The Under 3.5 goals market is one where there are a lot of opportunities on the Betfair Exchange. There is a good chance of a goal being scored in any game.


The key to profiting from this market is to find games where you think there is a good chance of a goal being scored, but the odds are not reflective of that. For example, a team that has been struggling recently, but has a good striker, may be undervalued in the odds for this market.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use the under 3.5 goals strategy;

  • Easy to follow strategy 
  • One you can do anywhere 
  • It takes ZERO football knowledge 
  • It can bring in £10 a day initially but quickly build to £100 


The under 3.5 goal strategy is excellent if 

  • You don't have much time 
  • You want to trade easily 
  • Want to make money on Betfair 
  • Want a simple easy to follow system 
  • Small amounts add up fast 
  • Accept losses 
  • Never chase

Ryan explains in the video how to use the under 3.5 goals strategy? Also, get yourself a FREE 5-day bonus training on how to build your strategy!


Under 3.5 Goals - Another EASY Football Trading Strategy for 2022 (Betfair)


Quick & Easy Football Betting Strategies - Win Big & Make Income Online


The Under 3.5 goals market is a great place to find opportunities on the Betfair Exchange. If you want to save time and have profitable Football Betting strategies, then Set and Forget Football Betting strategies are your solution. The Betfair trading community is building quick and easy profitable football betting strategies so that you can win big and make money online without much effort.

If you want to save time and have profitable Football Betting strategies for Betfair that only take you 5-10 minutes a day, check

Here is the current testing excel sheet to view:


Understand the Lay The Draw Exit Strategy - With PROFIT Maximising


The Lay The Draw football strategy can be used to make profits on football matches when the odds are in your favour. It is based on the premise that in any football match, there will be a moment where one team is likely to take the lead, and the other team is likely to equalise. You can use this information to place a bet on one team "laying" (betting against) the draw and then wait until one of the teams takes the lead to close your trade. There are three possible outcomes and to find out what they are by watching these videos by Ryan. He explains how you can maximise lay the draw strategy for profit.

 Understand the Lay The Draw Exit Strategy - With PROFIT Maximising


New Easy Profitable Over 2.5 Goals


How do you come up with a trading strategy? Do you use filters, and how do you create the filters?

When creating filters for your strategy, there are certain things that you need to look for. One thing to remember about a winning strategy is giving options, and the over 2.5 goals is a good market for that.


The BTC software has access to profitable filters and strategies for trading football.

There's an easy way to make money as a trader with the over 2.5 goal market. Martin shows how you can use the first half goal strategy and turn it into a successful over 2.5 goals football trading strategy!


Watch NEW Easy Profitable Over 2.5 Goals - Betfair Trading Football Strategy!

 And Get FREE strategies to get you started - even if you aren't a member yet.