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Football Betting - Your Most Asked Questions!

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Mar 01, 2022

So as approaches it’s 10th birthday we thought it would be good to pool all of the knowledge we have gained over the past decade and write a Q&A guide for football betting based on the questions we get asked the most! 


We have noticed there are an infinite amount of football betting articles suggesting football betting tips. However, there is not much in the way of actual information explaining football betting and answering the key questions that get asked.


So now we will answer more of your definitive questions!


What is the best football market to bet on?

There are a lot of options for traders as to which football betting market is the right one for them. We have ‘Match Odds’ which is simply the win/draw/win market, you would use this market if you wanted to back a team to win a match, or lay the draw, which is a very popular football betting strategy. 


Match Odds Market


To decide if this is a market you want to focus on, answer this question to yourself, do you want to try to pick the best team each match?

Or would you rather focus on how many goals will be scored?

This brings us onto the next option which covers several markets but the theme is very similar throughout, football betting on goals! 

There are a whole host of markets you can use to bet on (or against!) goals being scored in a football match. 

Goal markets focus on an over/under principle, which means a market with two options, either you can back overs or unders.

The most popular of these markets are over/under 1.5 goals and over/under 2.5 goals markets, the reason for this is simple - most football matches average around 2.5 goals, therefore these markets represent where most of the match action will happen. 



How do you decide which option to choose? 

Ask yourself a simple question:

When football betting would I like to back goals being scored or bet against them being scored?

If you would like to back goals being scored you want to trade OVERS.

If you would like to back goals NOT being scored you want to bet on UNDERS.

If you still are unsure about any of this, have a bit of practice (preferably without real money) and see what you enjoy more and what may have made you a profit!


In football betting what is under 2.5 goals?

Under 2.5 goals simply means if you bet on this option you are backing less than three goals being scored. So you are betting on 0-2 goals being scored, a scorline like 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 and 2-0 will make you a profit if you backed under 2.5 goals. Scorelines like 2-1, 2-2, 3-0, 3-1 etc would lose you money as more than two goals have been scored. 

So for other markets like Over/Under 1.5 goals, if you back under 1.5 goals you are backing one goal or less. In the Over/Under 3.5 goals, if you back under 3.5 goals you are backing three goals or less. 

If you are backing overs you are backing more goals than the number the market represents. So for over 2.5 goals we would need at least 3 goals to be scored, when football betting to win.




Is football betting legal? Are my winnings taxed?

In the UK football betting is entirely legal, winnings are not taxable which is why it is such an appealing form of financial investment. Laws vary from country to country so if you are not in the UK check.


Visit the gambling commission website for more info!


Where is the best place to learn how to bet on football?

This is the easy answer: 

  • We have proprietary football prediction software. 

  • We have unique football ELO ratings that rate team strength.

  • We have a community of hundreds of traders who help each other on their football trading journey.

  • We have one to one mentoring where members can chat privately with just us on the forum. 

Football betting is our expertise here at and we have developed our training to tutors traders of all ability. We have seen so many people go from being a losing gambler to a profitable trader that it makes us excited to wake up everyday and do it again! We honestly believe anyone who joins our community and puts into place the training they are given, will significantly improve as a trader. 

Why not click the image below and get your free Betfair Trading Strategies!

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