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Betfair Trading Strategies

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Feb 03, 2022

Happy 2022,


We at the Betfair trading community are very excited about the new year and to have you on board!


If you have missed any of the weekly videos on Betfair trading strategies. We have made it simple as 1+1 scroll and click. Watch and learn from our round-up of January.

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Betfair Trading Strategy - Tweaks To Get MAX results


It is important to tailor your Betfair trading strategies to your personal goals and trading style. A strategy will help you identify trends in trading. Also, tweak your strategy for greatest results.


The first step to developing a successful Betfair trading strategy is using data to make the right decisions. Once you have your data, you need to break it down. For example, you need to have your data selection criteria if you're using lay the draw as your strategy. The best way to do this is using a spreadsheet which will include:

  • What data led you to choose a particular game?

  • What happens in the match- i.e. shots on target, were there corners- how many?

  • Who won/lost?



At BTC, we have a ready spreadsheet with all the stats that you need.


Betfair Trading Strategy - Tweaks To Get MAX results


Goal With Every Betfair Trading Strategy


What is your end goal with your strategy? 


Finding an excellent strategy to make consistent profits requires spending time putting together a winning strategy.


When it comes to Betfair trading strategies, one of the things that should be on your mind is how profitable the strategy is for you. The goal is to have a reliable strategy with least effort.


The problem is that most people start with high expectations and best intentions. We put in so much effort to ensure we do everything right. Along the way, things will not go as anticipated, and the problems begin. 


Here are some pointers about sim[licity of Betfair strategy goals.



  • Setting a realistic goal- don't set too many goals

  • Creating a schedule that outlines how you will achieve the goals

  • Practicing self-discipline

  • Adjusting/reviewing your strategy until it works


In this video, Goal With Every Betfair Trading Strategy, Ryan demonstrates how to create a simple strategy that works for anyone. It will save you loads of time, and help you become a profitable trader.

Why I Trade One Strategy Per Match


When it comes to trading on Betfair, we all know that mental focus is one of the keys to trading. Anyone can succeed at trading, but not everyone does. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to trade with every strategy you know, but that will fail. You need to pick one strategy and stick with it.


The key here is to choose a strategy that works well for you and your personality. It is personal and needs some trial and error, and the strategy you select won't take long enough to see real success.


My biggest reason for having one strategy per match is :

  • Limit my mental output

From experience, having many strategies per match takes away your focus on what's important. Suppose something happens, and all the strategies go wrong, you go into panic mode, affecting your judgment.


Watch the video here at and find out the other reasons why you should use one strategy per match for success.


From Trading - Don't Let it Control Your Betfair Trading!


Many people suffer from FOMO- It is a trading acronym that stands for "Fear of Missing Out". We're all guilty of it, some more than others. Trading is an emotional and psychological state that affects traders highly focused on their returns. They have a strong desire to gain profit. In turn, makes them jump into crazy decisions when they should be protecting their profits and focusing on their strategy.


If left unchecked, the fear that you may miss out on potential profits from Betfair trades. It can be harmful to your Betfair trading strategy, but you shouldn't ignore either. Join Martin as he discusses why you should not have FOMO. From Trading - Don't Let it Control Your Betfair Trading!

3 Most Overlooked & Underused Stats in Football Trading


  1. Scored v conceded 

  2. Avg First goal time 

  3. Shots on target per goal 


These 3 stats, especially when combined, will make your trading better almost overnight! 

Join Ryan on the Betfair community stats software. Discover how the 3 stats can be a game-changer for you. Watch the video here 3 Most Overlooked & Underused Stats in Football Trading.

Pros & Cons of Over 1.5 Goals - Betfair Football Trading Strategies


In football trading, a good betfair trading strategy is to bet on the total number of goals scored in a match. But, there are times when you should consider going for the over or under 1.5 goal market. Instead of picking a team to win straight up (straight bet). One of the reasons Martin prefers the under 2.5 over the under 1.5 goals strategy is that it offers more breathing room.


Watch the Pros & Cons of Over 1.5 Goals - Betfair Football Trading Strategies and find out if it's the right strategy for you.



Imagine if you could follow strategies and start making consistent profits from Betfair. That's what we do at The Betfair Trading Community!


Join  BTC, a community of traders, discover our exclusive trading strategies, and get them instantly via video training or Podcast on our website.