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Betfair Trading Strategies

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Oct 30, 2021


The Betfair trading strategies are quite popular because of their simplicity, accuracy and reliability. The strategies are very easy to use, even for complete beginners with no previous experience in trading. The number of people participating in professional and semi-professional trading is growing rapidly, and many traders want tips and strategies for building their bankroll.

This article will look at some popular Betfair trading strategies for making money on Betfair that both novice and experienced traders alike can use.

Is Betfair Trading Possible?


Betfair allows you to bet on sports, events, and more. Betfair has become so popular because of its incredible selection of bets for various types of people. It includes professional traders who can use complex trading options to get an edge on their competition.


But what about regular people just looking for a safe way to have some fun? Is Betfair gaming possible? The answer is yes, but it takes patience and practice. 

Whether it is football tips and advice, football trading or just trading on Betfair, it requires some insight on how to go about it. 

Here Martin explains in detail whether or not Betfair trading is possible.

Is Betfair Trading Possible?

Don't Follow Betfair Trading Strategies Blindly


People blindly follow betting strategies with no questions asked. Trading is quite popular, and there are many different trading strategies, some more successful than others. If you want to be successful as a trader, you should not blindly follow any strategy. You should test some things first before using them on your bets.


Don't forget that if you want to win in the long run, it's essential to have a strategy that calls for your specific trading. So what does a personal strategy involve? Here are a few guidelines you can use to create your strategy:

  • How does your strategy fit your overall goals?
  • What are you trading? - If it's horse-trading, then get a horse racing strategy.
  • How do you want to trade? - If you want to trade in-play, then have an in-play strategy and if it's pre-match, align your strategy as pre-match.

To learn more on how to build your strategy, click here. You will receive a FREE 5 DAY "How to build your strategy."

Betfair Trading Strategy - Don't Blindly Follow Any


How Much Money Can I Earn Trading?

Now, there are a few things to consider before answering this question. You need to understand:

  1. Your skill level
  2. How much money do you have in the bankroll
  3. Do you have the patience to build your bank over time

First, you need to figure out what your end goal is. Maybe you want to become

  • A pro-trader
  • Semi-pro
  • Extra pocket money- maybe for your yearly holiday

Begin by writing down your goal, how realistic it is and how long it will take to achieve. For example, if you want to earn some extra cash, it will take less time to reach your goal of making the money. 

With trading, you can make as much money as your talent allows you to. If you are a successful trader, you can build your bankroll, which will enable you to scale up to higher levels and make more money.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

Betting restrictions - good or bad?

The vast majority of people who regularly bet on sports in the UK are males aged between 25 and 50. This demographic has traditionally formed a core part of the betting market, but more recently, it has been hit by new legislation which places limitations on how and when you can place bets.


Recently, new gambling rules have been introduced in the UK. There's a push to limit people's gambling, in effect, making it harder to deposit money and limit the amount based on your income and the source of the money i.e. credit cards etc.

 Why do I (Ryan) think it might be a good thing? 

  • Smaller banks: teach us to manage small stakes for our trades
  • Smaller stakes: use lower stakes for all your trades 
  • Smarter traders: learn to narrow and pick only the best trades
  • Reduced time trading: gives you time to do more research and learn to choose quality over quantity.


It's no secret that the online trading industry is thriving, and as such, many laws are popping up to regulate it. Some of those laws might be a good thing for those who enjoy trading. In all this controversy, some have argued that betting restrictions might be a good thing. I think that the restrictions might be a good thing. Betfair restrictions will help traders create trading strategies that will be beneficial in the long run.

Which Football Matches Should I Trade?

One of the members of the Betfair community had a concern in regards to trading. He only has a bet when he is going to watch a football match. If he watches the match, he has to make a bet. 

Is it possible to reprogram your mind from trading because I'm watching it, so I will watch but not trade, or I will only watch because I'm trading the match.

This question brings memories on my part (Martin) since I went through a similar phase when I started trading with Betfair. Being in my early years with time on my hands, I became interested in matches because I was betting on them.

Many people usually end up in this position when they start trading. The idea that you have to watch a match because you are trading happens more often than you can imagine.

At Betfair, we focus on discipline being key in trading. Get yourself out of the mindset of "I have to bet", which simply is addictive behaviour.

Which Football Matches Should I Trade?


How to 10X Your Profits In 10 Mins A Day

So what's the difference between a trader who takes 10 mins to fill in their results sheet and one who doesn't? PROFIT 

The trader who takes the time to fill in their sheet will always get more profit! 

Back in the day (Ryan) we had a horse racing project. As a trading community, we all tracked everything, and we 10x the profit by working on the results. We were able to take out days, courses, tracks that weren't adding profit - this MAXIMISED the results. 

It happened simply by taking 10 minutes a day to fill in the result sheet. Once you track the stats from trade, you will get a clear picture of what you need to do. For example, you will see the similarities between your winners and losers.


The result sheet document's what is and isn't working, so you can see which strategies are working vs which ones need changing.

Create your result sheet using any spreadsheet that has the - Date / Trade / Type of trade / Profit & Loss / Entry & Exit / Stats from the trade.The data you fill in will give you clues. It will help you to tweak your betfair trading strategy to make better trade selections. 


10X Your Profits In 10 Mins A Day?


Become God Like At Match Reading

Match reading is one of the most important aspects of trading on Betfair. It is the process of analysing both teams involved in a match and deciding if their current form, combined with their fixture list, makes them worth backing or not.

Match reading in betting is a skill that takes time to develop and can separate the good from the great whether you're a beginner or have been trading for a while.

So how do you read matches?- STATS

Pre-match stats lead to goals. They remove the emotion from the game. You can track your stats on a spreadsheet or BTC stats software. What you should be looking at includes shots on/off target, halftime/fulltime scores, goals scored in the first/second half, detail shots per goal for the team and league average. With this data, you are in a position to predict and read matches. 

Access the BTC software here


Become God Like At Match Reading


Do you want to scale up as a pro trader? Join our BTC Academy. Learn from proven traders the trading essentials, mastering football, betfair tennis, trade in cricket, and horse race trading. Discover more here  and take action today!

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