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Football Trading - Learn to Trade on Betfair Like a Pro

Martin's picture
Aug 24, 2021

Most new Betfair traders believe the holy grail to a sports trader is simply finding the right Betfair betting or trading strategy.

The truth is that while this is an important part of Betfair trading, it is far from all you need to be a profitable trader on the Betfair exchange.

So, while most traders spend hours scanning the internet for football tips, Betfair strategies and betting systems that will make them rich quickly, the more astute ones concentrate on learning the fundamentals, the skills they must aquire to start trading on Betfair like a pro trader does.

I'm going to talk about the three key fundamentals that I believe every pro football trader has aquired and while they are certainly no secret, they are not learnt enough by traders who want to make a living on Betfair!

They are:

1. Discipline 

2. Bank Management 

3. Time Management

So let's go through them!


Discipline - 

Football trading, or any kind of sports trading takes discipline. What do we mean by discipline when we talk about it in relation to football betting and trading?

Being disciplined on Betfair means sticking to our trading plan, not chasing losses by increasing stakes after a bad beat and treating trading like a career, not a bit of a 'jolly' where if we lose it doesn't really matter. 

How often have you had a bet on Betfair or with a bookie and just thought of it as a bit of fun? 

Well, when pros trade on Betfair this is not their approach, they take each trade very seriously and often follow a very rigid trading style or set plan. 

Think about an athlete preparing for an event, they warm up, focus and get their midset right. Betfair trading should be no different.

This is the first step to starting to think like a pro trader.

So let's move on to the next.


Bank/Bankroll management - 

Betfair tips and football trading strategies are all well and good but they will do nothing for your wealth if you do not know how to manage your bankroll. Time and time again I see good traders with talent for finding value on Betfair fall by the wayside because they could not control their bet sizing.

Imagine if you treated your personal bank account the same way as your Betfair account, how would you do things differently? Firstly, you wouldn't overspend on any trade and you wouldn't trade what you couldn't afford to lose. So why is it any different when you trade on Betfair? It should not be, invest wisely and use sensible staking. 

I have written the perfect guide to help you with this, read it for free here

And finally...


Time Management - 

As a pro trader who has two young children, family all over the country and an active sports/social life I do not have time to spend all my time on Betfair. 

Gone are the days I could trawl through football matches for hours and hours each weekend looking for opportunities!

I wanted something that would do the hard work for me, somewhere I could save my strategies and have my selections available to view automatically each day.

That's why we created our acclaimed 'BTC football trading software'

which you can have a cheap trial of and sign up for here

There is a reason so many football traders of all levels (including many pros) use our trading software as part of their daily trading routine. 

As we all know time is money and the less time you have to be sat infront of a PC the better! 


Follow the advice above and you will start to think like a pro football trader and will be well on the way to becoming profitable on the Betfair betting exchange!