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Betfair Trading In Covid 19 - The Winning Post is Near!

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Feb 23, 2021

After an incredibly strange year where we heard phrases like 'lockdown', 'new normal' and 'unprecedented times' far too often. 

Yesterday was a day for celebration!

I was going to write a post on a completely different subject this week, but we have to take time to address this great news.

Betfair trading has been a test of resilience and adaptability over the last twelve months.

As Exchange traders have had to cope with changing circumstances almost by the week! 

Firstly we had that almost unthinkable period of no sport at all for a while, remember that?

The when it came back we had - 

Sport without fans, players opting out and teams having to play without key players who may be in quarantine. 

Pro Traders have had to change the way we approach certain trading strategies, in football we suddenly saw far fewer goals in first halves of games.


Now we have a clear path to normality. 

Before long fans will be back in the stands where they belong, home advantage will go back to being the clear advantage it always was and sport as we know it will be back!

This leads me nicely on to something that is really important for you to pay attention to in this blog post. 

  • If you had a strategy that was doing well before lockdown but has struggled since, do not throw it away.
  • Put it on hold and when everything is fully back to normal test it again!

The truth is, if you had a winning Betfair trading strategy that was profitable before Covid, the chances are it could again be profitable after it. 

I wonder how many people have had a system or strategy that was making them money trading on Betfair before Covid 19 and then when Covid effected the results just chucked the system out without a second thought. 

Please don't do that! 

What needs to be said as well is that the Betfair Trading Community has been fantastic throughout this Covid crisis. 

I must say a huge thank you to all of the members who have contributed and kept on working hard for us all through this. 

What a truly awesome bunch of people you all are!

It's also been exciting to see how well a lot of you are still doing, the systems and strategies that have been developed during the past year that are still thriving.

Football traders:

In football, we have had Alan's and Lee's incredible work on the Over 1.5 goals split stake strategy, if you are a football trader who is a member and have not checked this out yet then you owe it to yourself to:

Likewise, Stuart's great work on a lay the draw strategy that has proven profitable over the past few years, again if you are a member check that out here:


We continue to have a lot of success laying the first set winner when the opponent often makes a comeback in the second set.


If you have any interest in cricket then this may be the sport for you, a lot of easy money to be made on it and some great guys contributing on the forum:

Horse Racing:

Our software is close to release now! If you have any suggestions as what you want us to add to it for you, there is still time to let us know:

If you want updates on any of these things, some strategies for trading and you are not a member just sign up to the mailing list for free on our site:

I can't wait for the next year of Betfair trading! 

As ever if you want to get in touch just email us:


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