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5 Things To Consider Before Trading Any Football Match

5 Things To Consider Before Trading Any Football Match

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Oct 07, 2016
It’s a dreaded International break for us traders, so I thought what better than to write a blog post which gives you a few pointers to consider when trading on a football match. 
Firstly as you should be aware when you are trading there are things you really need to make sure you do. 
Research! I bet when you are buying a major purchase you do this don’t you? Go to Amazon read the reviews, google it, etc… 
Why should trading be any different? 
If you don’t then guess what, your money is being matched against mine…. 
Oh and I’m taking it! 
But what do you need to consider? 
1) Team News 
We live in a great world now where we have Twitter, its amazing for this. You can hunt round and find the team news pretty quick to see who is likely to miss the game or who is back from injury. Imagine what would happen to Manchester City if they had Aguero back and you knew that information? 
2) Form 
You can use the BTC stats for this one, its often overlooked and it baffles me! How many times have you seen a good solid team thats on an awful run of form still be the favourite? It will also give you an insight to if they are good at their own ground or away. You can use this information to huge advantage - you’ve found a team struggling at home but are favourites against a team who are impressive away!  
A little tip here check to see if the home team concede the first goal often too! 
3) H2H 
This one is one of those ones that causes debate all over forums, going on H2H. Now I am a fan of using the H2H. I’ll tell you why, there are certain teams that when they meet always have the same style of games between them, take Liverpool and Tottenham. Both run, both attack. This usually causes a draw in the game! Now I am not saying looking at the last 15 years, but the last 2/3 seasons to form part of your judgement. 
4) Motivation 
What is the fixture? Is it a league game or a cup? We all know that a lot of managers don’t use their first string in the milk cup (it keeps changing it’s name - League Cup). So if they are the only fixtures on that day, why trade? There will not be the same motivation from either the players of the manager. You have no idea really which way that game will go! 
5) Weather 
You use this one in horse racing don’t you? You see the muddy track and know if a horse that loves it so you back them, why not do the same with football? How many games where it’s been royally pissing down have you seen loads of goals? Take that into account! 
Just by having a quick glance through this list, next time you trade football it will hopefully give you a few reference points to pick out some stronger trades and add to your trading Arsenal. 
As A trader I am always looking at reasons why not to trade, I use these pointers daily! 




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Hi Ryan, Yes I'm still interested in BTC it's just this stats thing if you get the chance watch peter webbs video on stats and I agree with him.

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